Monday, 26 June 2017


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It's not now
to stoop so low.
Don't wake up tomorrow;
weak, broke and shallow.
No time is proper
to relinguish your power.
It's always too late
to indulge in foul play.

Having done well for so long,
don't cease to be strong.
Go on without doing wrong
to always sing new songs.
From you people draw inspiration
to live above their limitations.

You have come this far
to soar higher and higher
Never to be conquered
by things you have conquered.
Though the storm rages stronger,
it's not an excuse to go haywire.

No trial should take away your victory.
Always unlock your productivity.
Yours can be the best success story
in the history of entire humanity.
I give to you the words of PB;
"the engine on your inside is of a heavy duty capacity".

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Take away insights:

Every hardship, every trouble, every lack and maltreatment shouldn't get your life shattered.

Make all the wrong/evil you have done/suffered and those you didn't do/suffer in the past to be 'crossed over' not 'carry over' - (never again to do/suffer them).

Every time is inappropriate for you to compromise your good standing for any reason.

Always resist the pressure to embrace misleading thought patterns and negative counsels lest you take wrong steps.

In a bid to solve/prevent problems, do not create/cause more problems or compound already existing problems.

Your pride, your honour, your prestige, your integrity, your good name and your glory should not be lost in any move to meet a need.

There are different ways of getting things done but always employ the very right way to make good things happen and get going from glory to glory.

Never forget that; "the engine on your inside is of a heavy duty capacity" as declared by Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.
You are above and beyond every adversary. You are well able to do valiantly in every way.
Regardless of how bad it is, you can always do well and be exceedingly great without messing up your dignity even in politics (as impossible it may seem), private practice, civil service, unlikely places and in 'toughest times'.


_Stephen Olamilekan Jimoh
Advance Everyday life at best

Monday, 5 June 2017


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Every time you tell me the truth
Nothing but the whole truth
And I don't usually believe
Overtime, you will see it as a proof
That lieing to me is a welcomed virtue.

The other day it heavily rained
I couldn't bring your plantain
Though I tried hard to explain
But you won't believe I was very plain
That's how you makes sincerity a migrane.

Whatever is wrong with people
However anyone takes a view
Don't be robbed of real value
By whoever's negative attitude
Lest you treat them like they do.

Whoever rejects the truth, embraces falsehood.
For as long you don't appreciate honesty, you will always attract treachery.
Given that you are not trustworthy doesn't mean others lack integrity.

To be unnecessarily doubtful and unduly suspicious of everything and everyone is not a virtue but an attribute of fools.
Inability to trust what/who is exquisitely trustworthy is unprofitable.
Negatively demonstrated carefulness is carelessness.
When caution is exercised out of context, it exposes you to the very danger you aimed to avoid.

A feeling, thought or view that the truth before your face is not true doesn't make it false. Probably, you need to adjust or change your binoculars, microscopes and the lenses through which you view things. Endeavour to perfect the parameters, yardsticks, hypotesis and systems you often employ to do diagnosis, analysis, evaluations and draw conclusions. Watch out! You are most likely a/the major suspect of everything you wrongly accuses people for all of the time. It is wrong to continually see others through magnified lenses of your own instability, unreliability and negative practices.

_Stephen Olamilekan Jimoh
Advance Everyday life at best

Sunday, 28 May 2017


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There is no point feeling sorry
You need not to be worried
What you did is really worthy
You owe me no apology.

I understand why you didn't stay
My cluelessness drove you away
Though it is very late to make up
I take responsibility for the breakup.

If I had known better
I would have done better
My mind wasn't together
So I couldn't put it all together.

Like Akon humbly sang: 
"...put the blame on me".
It's all my fault
It's not your fault.

Take away:
If each person courageously takes responsibility for his/her shortcoming instead of shifting blame on someone else, devil or God; no life will fall short of glory and the world at large would be made better by far.

The real change needed anywhere will swiftly become if everybody in the system refrain from self righteousness. Nations where both the leaders and followers take the bull by the horn to admit and timely correct their personal flaws without pointing accusing fingers, usually thrive. 

_Stephen Olamilekan Jimoh
Advance Everyday life at best

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


I decree and declare violent confusion and bloody disagreement in the camp of the enemies of Nigeria in Jesus name.

May everyone on a mission to destroy the glorious future of innocent Nigerians never have peace and joy in Jesus name.

Beginning from now, people using our national destiny to fly kite shall never know what they are doing to themselves until they clean up the battered system by consuming one another in Jesus name.

Those who sought for and got power and leadership to advance selfish interest shall end up using their power and stolen fund against themselves in Jesus name.

Nigeria shall win in every sphere and those working against collective success shall bury their heads in shame in Jesus name.

If you are well meaning and well doing and patriotic and just and incorruptible; may you never suffer for the consequences of the wickedness of the wicked in Jesus name.

May the spirit of righteousness take over all Nigerians so much every Nigerian will expressly lose appetite for mediocrity, indiscipline, bribery, examination malpractices, yahoo yahoo, kidnapping, theft/robbery, land grabbing, piracy, ritual murder, corruption, tribalism, religion excesses, invasion, terrorism, propaganda, lack of creativity and all evil practices in Jesus name.

May all Nigerians begin to think and do all that is right, pure, good, holy, noble, lovely, beneficial, necessary, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy so much they become exemplary to foreigners in Jesus name.

Nigeria is delivered from past, present and future unprofitable alliance, merger and union in Jesus name.

Nigeria shall no longer run out of just and fair people so that a just and fair government will always be a possibility and reality in Jesus name.

May you eat the best of the land in as much you are praying and working for the good of all Nigerians at home and abroad in Jesus name.

_Stepehen Olamilekan Jimoh
Advance Everyday life at best

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


By reflecting on everything I have done and I have never done, I realised;
there are things I once thought/said I will never do that I ended up doing
and there are other things I once thought/said I will do that I didn't do.

Right now; I am in the known of only everything I have done and everything I have never done plus the things I love/want to do and the things I don't love/want to do.
But I don't know the things I will end up doing and not doing.
Only time will tell what I will still do and what I will not do in the future.

However, I do know that if I continually yield my mind to only the right things; my decisions/choices and steps will be well ordered into what is right and my entire life will depict 'infectiously exemplary rightful living'.

Your mind, what you continually feed it with and how you engages it determines your resolves, attitudes, actions and manifestations. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t end up doing contrarily to what is right if your heart is well guarded all the time. It is non-negotiable for you to ensure time always tell/reveal only what is right, pure, good, noble, lovely, inspiring, beneficial, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy about you.

_Stephen Olamilekan Jimoh
Advance Everyday life at best

Sunday, 19 March 2017



Things were yet to fall apart when Chinua Achebe wrote Things Fall Apart perhaps; he gave a prophesy of what to come. How I wish he is still alive to caption the present realities because it is not only iroko tree that has fallen, even mahogany tree and the likes have all fallen. Great respect to his wealth of wisdom and writing prowess.

In those days, it was male folks that pride in exposing the ladies they had canal knowledge of to shame them for whatever reason. While female folks don't have the gut to do likewise; they rarely/don't make public declarations of whoever has seen their nakedness in the closet (since public nudity wasn't in vogue way back) talkless of revealing who had sex with them.

However, it is now the other way round. The boys/guys/men have come to understand that it is wrong for them to broadcast to the world their sexual involvement with any girl/lady/woman to respect and protect the dignity of the women they have rocked their world. As a result, male folks now rarely make public revelations of ladies they have screwed. But on the other hand, it is female folks that now pride in publicly exposing the guys they had sex with in order to shame, blackmail, charge and to ultimately destroy them. What a shame!

How things change so fast and so bad that those days, whatever is wrong was regarded as wrong but this days, wrong things are now widely embraced as right things. What else do you expect now that many girls/ladies/women find it shameful to be decent and modest in every way thereby, go out nude considered a prestigious new fashion trend of which it is absolute absurdity of highest degree? That is just one of the many unwholesome realities which is enough to convince you that the world is now upside down and the sky is no longer blue but red.

You too should judge for yourself in all fairness given the account below supposing it is true.

As a single lady in 1917, you willingly engaged in amorous relationship with a married man that generously made your bank accounts very robust coupled with trips all over the world and juicy gifts that even professional prostitutes may never earn for donkey years of prostitution yet, you shamelessly come out in 2017 claiming he did it with you to tarnish his image! Shame on you!

Let's even assume your claim is true; what are you insinuating? Where will that lead you to? What were you thinking that made you consented in the first place or you didn't know it was wrong? 'Sebi, dem no use charm for you or you wan say dem put gun for your head'? Even if he did hundredsome with you and your types, weren't you bountifully rewarded for it? Or may be he left you for another so the gifts were no longer coming in? But in the first place, he is married and you know it; why didn't you refused his questionable request for the sake of his wife (at least you are a woman like her)? I see; it is another way to source for cheap money from your victim after he had freely given you so much in exchange for the sex. You must be a shameless ingrate!

I think it is about time all female folks guilty of such anomalies should go and learn/start a legitimate trade to make money and a good name for themselves to make the sky blue again. Such foul testimonies, revelations, confessions, scripts, stories, schemes and setups don't sell. The world have had enough of it. At the end of the day, instead of bringing down their targets; those long throat ladies with their evil schemes ended up promoting those 'innocent men' and their work while they themselves go into oblivion because their case is invalid and undefendable.

Incase you don't know, anybody that is already made by diligently doing a legitimate work is indestructible by any 'scandalless scandal' as a curse curseless don't stand. After all, it was a consensual sexual engagement between both of you and each of you is an adult. It is a draw; no winner no loser. But coming out to blackmail him makes you a loser. Every attempt to make an issue out of no issue to get at someone exposes your foolishness and renders you defeated forever.

To pass your exams or to get a job or promotion at work or political appointment or to cover up a secret or to secure any favour: your lecturer or employer or boss or whoever incharge demanded for sex in exchange for what you wanted; you didn't raise alarm instantly instead, you gave in without hesitation. Infact, 'o ni bara ti e na n jale' (i.e you also indulge in stealing as an alms begger)! Whether he keep to the agreement or not, should you later on come out demanding that he should be crucified for having sex with you; there is no sympathy for you and you need to undergo psychiatric diagnosis to ascertain you are not suffering from mental dementia. Must you sell your body to make gain? Can't you go after what you want legitimately? You are a joker because your claim is baseless. 'Won ti ba e su lori te' (i.e you were screwed for nothing)!

Both real men and real women don't patronise anyone for unwholesome sexual relationship and don't succumb to undue sexual advances from anybody. Infact, their reactions and responses help whoever comes to them with such negative demands to regain his/her right senses.

Therefore, my candid advice to everyone is: always ensure you are in your right senses and be a real man/woman who don't patronise anyone for questionable sexual engagement or succumb to such advances from anyone irrespective of what is at stake. Don't wait until the wrong deed is done before raising alarm.

Kudos to every real woman out there who summoned courage against all odds and stood solidly without compromise behind their husbands when strange women levied against them allegations of secret sexcapede claiming they had with those men, whether true or false. May you never miss the rewards that is due you. Blessed are you among all women. Your marriage remains indestructible. Your adversaries (those Jezebels, husband snatchers, home wreckers, joy killers, propagandists and destiny destroyers) are defeated already and they cannot have who/what is rightfully yours. What a wise people you are! Thanks for doing notably well and that is why the sky is still blue from your own side unlike those on the other side who had turned the sky to red.

_Stephen Olamilekan Jimoh
Advance Everyday life at best

Thursday, 16 March 2017


In the ongoing brouhaha about wearing uniform or not, I have this profound insight to share with those who are receptive to the truth.

Uniform or no uniform, the most important thing is delivery of a very good job well done by everyone concerned.

If law makers are so uncomfortable and outraged by 'unbearable skyrocket rate' of injustice and corrupt practices in the society the way they were overtly outraged by refusal of an officer to put on his uniform so much he was refused audience unless he comply; corruption and evil deeds would have been drastically reduced if not totally checked out.

When a people begin to major in the minor and minor in the major, they create chaos and become a mess. Should everyone in the workforce begin to wear uniform today, it will profit little in as much we take our eyes and minds off gross injustice, indiscipline and corrupt practices. For as long we don't walk out people guilty of criminality in the corridor of power to make a positive change the very way Ali was walked out to put on custom uniform (and Magu was rejected to head EFCC based on the allegations filed against him by DSS), the real change we crave is already thrown away into deep blue sea.

However, anybody undertaking a uniformed job should align for orderliness and identification among other valid reasons for wearing uniform. But in keeping with, such fellow should deliver excellent performance on duty - which is the greatest of it all.

Until Nigerians at all levels are dissatisfied and tired of our negative tendencies (indiscipline, injustice, corruption and mediocrity); those wrong things common to us will never be tired of us thereby, they will always be on the increase. Corruption will never stop itself because it is not self evolved - people indulge in it; it is people that must fiercely resist it by firmly restraining themselves individually and collectively from perpetrating it.

_Stephen Olamilekan Jimoh
Advance Everyday life at best